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🚫 "I'm making money in my business but I couldn't tell you where it is. What paycheck?!? 😕

🚫 “I’m doing it all myself, and finances always fall to the bottom of the to-do list.”

🚫 I want to know how to read financial statements to take home more money, pay down debt, and fund my life

🚫 I want to plan my business cash flow to grow my money.

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I'm going to share what I see all the time for business owners that keep them financially stuck with their business finances where this small business becomes a J-O-B. No, thank you. Not for you.


Look, I love my business more than anyone. But things gotta change with those business finances, right? Same here! I'll share the framework I developed that has helped hundreds of women break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, change their beliefs about money, and yeah, see plan out their cash flow, and become the kick-butt investor in their business.


Hear practical inspiring stories how I helped my clients change their business finances so they could *actually* get a take home check, invest in their business (the right way), and

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Hey, I'm Darcie.

I've been running Green Bites Project® since 2019. It's a financial wellness coaching firm helping 400+ women every day fall in love with their small business and personal finances.

My professional résumé would read as: former SVP at Bank of America and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Bookkeeper. Maybe CPA-bound.

My finance résumé would read as: I struggled in my 20s to get out of credit card debt, despite making good money. It took til having $89K in student loan debt plus a car loan in my 30s to finally "figure out money".

Yeah, so 6-figures in debt. 🙈

The good news is that the debt's been gone for 10+ years and we went on to hit financial independence in our 30s through investing in boring stuff like 401k's and left our corporate jobs.

I help business owners maybe just like you get organized with their business finances with bookkeeping (hello squeaky clean books!) and manage their cash flow to hit their other financial goals - debt, retirement, making those investments.

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